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If you’re part of the gambling community, you should know that there are plenty of fraudulent websites where you’re putting your money and identity at risk. During that search, you may have come across IBC9 Casino. This website has been active for several years, and throughout time, it has gathered a loyal player base.

However, since many years have passed since its creation, is it still worth it to bet at IBC9 Casino?

For today’s article, we’ll guide you through the good and the bad aspects we’ve found after evaluating the IBC9 Casino website for a while. This way, you can decide for yourself whether you’d like to try out this platform or not.

What is IBC9?

IBC9 is an online casino that provides services all through Asia, especially in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. You can be sure of before playing on this website because it is 100% trustworthy. This website works as an agent for brands like CMD368 and Spadegaming, among many other casino-related companies from Asia.

Although their logo may give the impression of being solely focused on sports betting, there are plenty of things to do on this website apart from this feature.

What you will find at IBC9

IBC9 has a wide variety of games, although it mainly focuses on sportsbooks. Therefore, it can be a good website if you enjoy betting on sports like basketball or soccer. You may also be able to find sports like tennis or even fantasy sports and eSports. However, again, this is not the main focus of the website, as you can also find slot games, table games, and many other gambling options.

Here we describe the games you will find at IBC9 upon entering into the website.

IBC9 Casino


First, let us describe the true highlight of the website: the sportsbooks. This website offers some of the best odds in the market, including odds for C-sports, M8-sports, virtual sports, and many other categories. It’s very likely for you to find your favorite sport here, as they include the most popular ones as well as some less frequent options.

The sportsbook found at IBC9 is available 24// and is constantly being updated. Therefore, you will be able to receive timely updates and update your betting diaries in due time.

Slot games

It isn’t a real online casino if it doesn’t include slot games. Hence, IBC9 decided at some point that it was time to offer more than a sportsbook. Hence, many years ago, players could access diverse slot games from well-known companies, including Spadegaming, 918Kiss, and Mega888. You’re very likely to find your favorite casino website within the categories provided by IBC9.


Fishing is another popular game within the gambling community. You will have access to it 24/7, regardless of your location.

IBC9 Exclusive Reward Program

Live casino games

You will find diverse live casino games, including games like baccarat, blackjack, poker, and many others. Hence, if you enjoy these games, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find your favorite table games and their live alternatives whenever you feel like it.


The lottery is another form of a live casino game, but it deserves its own category for a popular motive: the game found in IBC9 is QQKeno. This lottery game has become quite popular among the gambling community, and even though it has been operating for several years now, it still offers quite big prizes.

Pros and cons of gambling at IBC9

There are good and bad aspects to most websites. Considering each of these factors can help you determine if it’s a platform where you’re willing to enter your banking information and other documentation. Here we’ll guide you through each of these aspects for your reference.


We’ve mentioned some of the pros already, including a wide variety of games and such. However, there are more good reasons why betting at IBC9 may be a good idea.

  • Friendly interface: The website has a friendly and easy-to-follow interface. You won’t get lost. The homepage has instructions for navigation, deposits and other options.
  • Quick deposits: The website allows an alternative to bank transfers, which is EEZIEPAY. If you wouldn’t like to submit your banking information, this option can be a good alternative.
  • Available in four languages: You will be able to choose between three languages: Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. Alternatively, you can navigate the website in English.
  • Licensed website: This website has clear information about its licenses. You can easily find it by scrolling down. 
  • Promotions: The website is constantly posting bonuses, offers, and promotions for its customers. This includes welcome bonuses and similar rewards. 

These are plenty of good reasons why betting at IBC9 can be a good idea. The website seems to care about its customers truly. It is evidenced by the amount of work they’ve put into optimizing the website. It loads quite fast and has easy-to-find sections and instructions. You will be able to navigate this website without problems from the start.


While the website has quite a good structure and is a trustworthy platform, it is necessary to consider the potential downsides that may diminish your gambling experience.

  • Lack of payment methods: As of now, there are only two payment methods available: direct bank transfers and EEZIEPAY. Therefore, it can be a huge deal-breaker for gamblers that use cryptocurrency or alternative e-wallets to process their payments.
  • Customer service only available via WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. However, it is the only way you can approach the website’s customer support representatives, besides a “live chat” through the website, which doesn’t work out all the time.
  • Some sections feel incomplete: Although the website is fully functional, some of the sections may give you the impression of being incomplete. Unfinished sentences and gray, empty zones are some of the common issues found all through the website.

While these cons are minimal compared to other gambling sites, they can still affect your gambling experience, especially when it comes to payment methods. The lack of diversity in payment methods can hurt an online casino’s audience, as some people don’t like using their bank account or prefer using other payment methods.


It is true that IBC9 is a trustworthy website with a good-looking interface. However, it may not be the best option available as some areas of the website feel quite empty. It’s also worth noting that some areas of the website can be very confusing, especially due to the way the sentences are written.

If you can get past these issues, you may be able to enjoy the gambling services available at IBC9. If not, you can always try out some of the alternatives available, such as MYBET88.

MYBET88 – The best alternative to IBC9

mybet88 review

If you’re trying to find a website with good deals, promotions, offers, and a wide variety of gambling options, perhaps MYBET88 is what you’re looking for. This website has been active for a few years, and as of now, they have accumulated one of the biggest player bases within the gambling community.

You will be able to enjoy diverse casino games, including the following:

  • Live casino games
  • Table games
  • Slot games
  • Sportsbooks

Diverse payment methods

Another good reason to stick with MYBET88 is the variety of payment methods. While you’re still able to use your credit or debit card and direct bank transfers, you will also have access to other payment methods, including e-wallets and even cryptocurrency. Therefore, you will be able to alternate between different payment methods and continue with the fun at any time.

Monthly updates 

MYBET88 is also receiving constant updates. Hence, you will be able to try out new games now and then whenever you feel like trying something new. 

Bonuses, prizes, and offers

MYBET88 is characterized by offering several promotions and bonuses to its clientele. You will receive a sign-up bonus which you can redeem after your first deposit. Over time, many other offers will be available for you, allowing you to make the most of your gambling at MYBET88.

Customer support is available 24/7

If you find any problem with the platform, you can be sure that you’ll be able to work it out with a customer support representative at any time.


While IBC9 isn’t necessarily a bad website, there are many aspects of it that may not make it the best option for anyone. In that case, alternatives like MYBET88 can work perfectly and will fill out the holes that such platforms may leave.

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