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Pros and Cons

  • A great place for freeing your mind
  • Huge Variety of Games available
  • Sands Reward Club
  • No Welcome Bonus
  • No option to play online

The Marina Sands Bay (MBS) is one of the main touristic destinations in Singapore. This enormous facility contains more than 2,500 hotel rooms and suites, as well as several entertainment places where you can choose to spend the day.

One of the main places in the MBS is the casino, one of the complex’s most visited attractions. The MBS Casino is the second casino available in Singapore, the other one being the Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino.

Here we’ll tell you the good and the bad aspects of choosing to gamble here if you have not had the experience of visiting the hotel yourself.

A great place for freeing your mind

The MBS Casino, more than a place to gamble, is all about the experience. We’re not talking solely about the casino games but also about the customer service and the facilities themselves. There’s so much to do around here that you’ll have trouble deciding what to do next.

For starters, you should know that the MBS Casino has four levels. The whole space contains 2,300 slot machines for you, but it doesn’t stop there – you will also be able to play table games and other multi-station games where you can find roulette, baccarat, sic bo and other similar games. As for the table games, you will find at least 20 options available for you at any time. Therefore, getting bored at the MBS Casino is not an option.

Additionally, please note that more than 200 hundred other games are available, besides the wide selection we’ve mentioned above. These games can be accessed if you visit the Ruby and Paiza area, which are found on the upper floors of the MBS Casino.

Games available at the MBS Casino Singapore

As mentioned above, there are over 2,000 games available within the MBS Casino. You will be able to access them at any time, but sometimes you may have to wait due to the high volume of visitors the facilities receive every day.

Here we list some of the most relevant games available in the MBS Casino.

Slot machines

MBS Casino Slot Machines

Slot games are mandatory in any casino. You will find plenty of slot machines at the MBS Casino, including games like Cash Cove or Ocean Magic. There are diverse variations available, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a slot machine that suits your tastes in a little time.

Table games

MBS Casino Blackjack Table games

The MBS Casino truly shines when it comes to table games. There are hundreds of tables available, and most of them are dedicated to games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, etcetera. If you’d like to play something, you can be sure that the MBS Casino has it available.

Electronic table games

Electronic table games

You can also find a few electronic table games available, including Aruze Dragon Sic Bo and similar variations. There are so many games to play you may feel a bit overwhelmed the first time you visit it, but overall, you’re very likely to find something you enjoy very quickly.


There are many games available at the MBS Casino. Since the casino receives a considerably high number of visitors on a daily basis, it makes sense that the facilities have several games. 

One huge drawback of gambling at such a high facility is that you may have to wait for a while before entering. The staff needs to check everyone’s documentation before they can play in the casino. Thus, considering the high number of people playing in the MBS Casino daily, it can take quite a while for you to finally enter the facilities and find a game you can play.

Entrance policy

Another thing you should know about the MBS Casino is that permanent residents of Singapore must pay a fee in order to access the facilities. Additionally, you will be required to show your ID before entering the premises for verification. 

While paying a fee before you enter can be annoying, you should know that this payment will be active for 24 hours. Hence, you will be able to come and go as you please throughout the day. Similarly, you will be able to pay an annual fee, allowing you to visit the casino the whole year without worrying about the entrance fee again.

Tourists are not required to pay the entrance fee. They come and go as they please without paying an extra fee – however, they’re still required to show their valid passport before entering the premises. Therefore, if you’re a tourist, make you bring your passport with you if you’re interested in visiting the casino.

Sands Rewards Club

MBS Casino Rewards Club

Another benefit of gambling at the MBS Casino is that you’ll be able to access the Sands Rewards Club. Being part of it will allow you to earn Sands Points or Dollars in any of the games you play. You can sign up to become a member of this club at any time. It is divided into tiers, and although the first tier is free of charge, you will be required to advance and receive better benefits.

Sands Premier

As mentioned, the Sands Premier is free of charge, and you can access it for free. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy benefits like a personalized webpage, access to the Ruby Room, and even discounts for food and beverages. Additionally, you may also have special access to promotions and events.

You’ll earn $1.00 Sands Dollar for every Sands Point in this tier.

Sands Gold

The next tier is known as “Sands Gold,” and you can access it upon redeeming 68 Sands Points. You’re required to pay this same price annually. All sands points you earn will now cost 1.50 dollars. You will also have access to perks like a 15% discount on Flexible Rate, 15% discount on the tickets for certain shows at the Sands Theatre, 10% off on massage and spa packages, and so on. You will also have all the perks the Sands Premier tier has.

Sands Platinum

The Sands Platinum is the next level, which has a cost of 388 Sands Points annually and allows you to earn $1.75 per every Sands Dollar you get. You will obtain all the benefits found in the previous tiers, as well as free parking, 20% discount on Flexible Rate and 30% off in certain attractions, including the Sampan Rides.

Sands Diamond

The Sands Diamon requires a 1,288 Sands Point fee per year in order to continue accessing the perks this fee contains. Additionally, every Sands Point you earn will now have a cost of $2.00. This tier includes the same benefits as mentioned previously, as well as some extra tickets for attractions, a 25% discount on Flexible Rate, and so on.

Paiza Gold

This is the last tier available at the MBS Casino, and it has a cost of 3,888 Sands Points. Additionally, every Sands Point you earn in this tier will have to earn you $2.25.

This tier will grant you access to all the perks present in the previous tiers, as well as special Paiza room rates, access to VIP areas for the patron and two guests, special offers during your birthday month, and free parking for two cars.

You will have several benefits as long as you remain on this tier, which can take your experience at the Marina Bay Sands more pleasant.

Many restaurants available

The whole Marina Bay Sands area is surrounded by several restaurants, including the Fatt Choi, The Nest and the Tong Dim Noodle Bar. You will be able to enjoy the best of Singaporean gastronomy, as well as the cuisine from other Asian countries, like China. 

There are diverse options available, and some of the restaurants update their menu regularly with new dishes to continue delighting the customers. Therefore, not even your paladar will be bored as long as you’re visiting the Marina Bay Sands.

Is it worth it to gamble at the Marina Bay Sands?

It depends on what you prefer. If you’re interested in gambling solely, perhaps it may not be the greatest experience. If you’d like to take a vacation and relax for a while, perhaps the whole MBS area can be a great choice for this purpose. 

Here we will discuss the pros and cons of gambling at the MBS Casino.


There are a few aspects of gambling at the MBS Casino that you shouldn’t overlook. Therefore, before deciding to travel to this place, taking them into account can help you enjoy yourself.

  • There are several games available, including table games, slot machines and tournaments.
  • You will be able to join the Sands Rewards Club and enjoy diverse perks for your stay at the Marina Bay Sands.
  • If you’re a tourist, you won’t have to pay an entrance fee.
  • You can find many restaurants in and outside the casino.


While a big area surrounds the MBS Casino with diverse attractions, it may not be the best option for a gambler that mostly focuses on the game.

  • Most of the perks and benefits from the Sands Rewards Club apply to the MBS facilities and not the casino itself.
  • You may have to wait a long time before you can enter the premises.
  • The first floor is often full of cigarette smoke.
  • The casino has been built as a touristic attraction more than a place where gamblers can enjoy themselves.

Gambling outside the Marina Bay Sands – MYBET88

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mybet88 welcome bonus


While the MBS Casino is a good option for a vacation, it is not a permanent gambling solution. If you would like to gamble more frequently, then we highly recommend you to visit MYBET88. If you stay in this online casino, you will be able to access diverse prizes, promotions and bonuses starting from your first transaction.

Additionally, you will be able to access new content every month, making your stay more entertaining in the long term!

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