Asian Casino Online Review918Kiss Online Review in 2021

918Kiss Online Review in 2021


Casinos. The mere mention of the word conjures up images of glam, money, high stakes gambling, action, and even intrigue (think Casino Royale from the James Bond franchise). Traditional brick-and-mortar casinos are often built near or combined with resorts, hotels, cruise ships, retail shopping, and other tourist attractions (even complete with entertainment like concerts, stand up comedy acts, and sporting events). Casinos are considered meccas and people are sure to flock to them.

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A brief history of casinos

Gambling has been part of humanity – as we all have gambled or placed bets in one form or another. In ancient China, signs of rudimentary games of chance were discovered on tiles, while the oldest known dice were excavated in Egypt. Greek and Roman pottery highlighted scenes that indicate that betting on animal fights was common and animals would be bred for that sole purpose. In short, humans love to gamble and do so at every opportunity.

Come the 17th century, the first real casino was established inside a private house or residence in Italy and was called “Il Ridotto.” The term ‘casino’ was formed from the Italian word meaning ‘small house’. And just like modern-day casinos, Il Ridotto had music and entertainment while meals and drinks were also served to its patrons. Only the privileged were allowed entry and had to follow rules (just like today) such as:

  • Follow a certain dress code (no shirt, no shoes = no service)
  • Behave properly, and…
  • Players had to order some specific dishes from the menu

From Italy, the casino craze spread to its neighbouring country – France. France opened its first casino in its capital, Paris, and featured a spinning roulette game that was such a novelty at that time that it easily gained popularity among the players.

By the time the 18th century rolled in, more and more casinos sprung up in other European countries. The prize amounts were quite desirable, thanks to the large amounts of players who liked to take part in such forms of entertainment. The chance to earn some decent money is what also mainly attracted players which, in turn, helped spread the casinos’ popularity.

Technology + good ol’ gambling

918Kiss online casino games

But there’s a new kind of casino in town – with the advances in technology and power of the internet opening up some amazing opportunities for all sorts of entertainment, we now have online casinos. An online casino is the virtual versionsof brick and mortar or traditional casinos. They offer odds and payment percentages that are a bit higher compared to traditional ones. They are mainly classified into 2 types: web-based and download-only casinos. Traditionally, online casinos would include only one of the two platforms. However, with advanced technological changes, online casinos can now accommodate both.

Web-based online casinos or flash casinos are websites where players can play casino games without downloading any of these games or software to their computer. Download-based ones, on the other hand, require players to download the software client in order to play and place bets on the games.

918kiss is a great example of an online casino that does both. 918kiss allows players to play and place bets on games via the website and downloaded application.

Who is 918kiss?

918Kiss casino online

918kiss is considered to be one of the more famous online casinos in Southeast Asia. 918kiss is the favorite of many players from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and of course, Singapore. They offer live online games and jackpots such as slot games, arcade games, and card games. They have a multiplayer option where you can play with others from around the world. Unlike other online gambling platforms, the online casino games of 918kiss are of premium quality – creative and engaging – while users can have their pick of the games they want to play.

As it steadily builds itself up as a global brand, the 918kiss casino also features a multilingual interface. Players can choose from the following language options: English, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Once you’ve picked your language of choice, the platform will readily transform or carry that language throughout the site so that you’ll have no problem understanding the menu and functions.

Payment options are also readily available via major credit cards, bank transfers, and select e-wallets for your convenience.

Signing up with 918kiss

Players shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to signing up with 918kiss. The website is up to date, secure, and easy to navigate. 918kiss uses 128-bit encryption and it is fully licensed and holds legitimate licenses for its online site and all its online software. The site even offers up a bio on the founders, proof of their commitment to providing transparent and quality service.

To sign up to 918kiss Singapore, one needs to have a betting account and an agent in the market to help register a dedicated account for you to access the website. To get more information, you can always visit the website. 918kiss also has Wechat and WhatsApp accounts so you can also easily get in touch with their very friendly and professional customer support team via those channels. 918kiss’ customer support runs 24/7 to effectively solve any issue that may arise.

How to log in to 918kiss

Once you’re done with the registration process, simply log in with the credentials given to you by the agents. Once you’ve logged in, you can easily change your password for that extra layer of security.

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Why play and download 918kiss

Aside from the website, players can also download 918kiss. There are many benefits to downloading 918kiss. Here are these benefits:

  • Play anytime – if online casino games are your thing, you can play anytime, anywhere to your heart’s content.
  • Mobile-friendly – it’s a mobile-friendly platform so you don’t have to use your desktop or other devices to play on 918kiss.
  • Compatibility – 918kiss is available to play on both Android and IOS(you just need a few more steps when downloading via IOS) and is compatible with multiple phone models.
  • Secure platform – 918kiss is one of the most reliable online casino gaming platforms around. It’s an authentic and safe app where data privacy is taken very seriously, thanks to its high-tech security and monitoring systems in place so it’s hack-proof. 918kiss also undergoes daily maintenance to avoid security threats and ensures a smooth gaming experience.
  • User-friendly – 918kiss’ interface is pretty much straightforward making it easy to navigate which adds to the enjoyment of the whole online casino experience.
  • Wide variety of games – 918kiss offers a wide range of games, including slot games and arcade games for your enjoyment. You can also play offline by simply switching the game mode.
  • Bonuses – members can enjoy a wide variety of bonuses with 918kiss. Such bonuses include a 100% bonus of up to $250 along with 10 free spins which can be used when playing slot games and parlour games. A 30% referral bonus, weekly rebates and even a random reload bonus that could net you as much as $500 is also up for grabs.
  • Green gaming – what makes 918kiss a different online casino is this program that offers players the option of activating a pre-set weekly limit so that things won’t get out of hand.
  • Money guarantee – your money is guaranteed with 918kiss as you can easily withdraw your money from the platform.

How to download 918kiss apk

To download 918kiss apk, it’s better to use an Android phone as most online casino games are strictly banned in the IOS system (with the exception of 918kiss Xpress which is available to download from the website. Contact customer service to help you download for IOS).

For Android users, here are some steps to remember when you download the 918kiss apk:

  • Enable sources – go to your phone’s settings and enable sources. By enabling this, you can easily download the 918kiss apk.
  • Use the website link now – visit the official 918kiss website and use the download link given.
  • Install – once you’ve finished downloading, open your phone’s file manager and look for the file and click ‘install’.
  • Permissions – once you’ve downloaded the 918kiss online casino, make sure to allow the necessary permissions in order for you to make the most out of your online gambling and enjoy all the casino games you want.

918Kiss casino games list

Available games

918kiss offers a good number of games that’s sure to entice and satisfy even the pickiest of players, thanks to its partnership with top-notch game developers like Real Time Gaming (RTG) and Spade Gaming. Such games include crowd favourites like Texas Hold’em Poker, Pontoon, Lucky Cups, Hulu Cock, Dragon Tiger, Belankai, and other classics like Blackjack and Baccarat. Thunderstruck by Microgaming is also available on 918kiss casino, much to the delight of the game’s fans. Arcade games are also plenty with the likes of Poker Three, Racing Car, and Shark. They have a good selection of classic slot games but progressive slot games are also available on the 918kiss platform.

Progressive slots show the running dollar amount of what a player would win should he or she hit the jackpot (the game’s top winning combination or hand). Progressive jackpots increase by a small amount with every game that is played with the amount being determined by the casino. The jackpot for these games can easily climb into the millions!

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Going strong

With the pandemic still raging and with some places still having lockdowns and limited movement enforced, this industry steadily grew as more players have gone online in search of their favourite casino games.

The reasons for this growth include:

  • A wider range of game choice – people can find what they exactly want to play, thanks to the sheer amount of theme, game types, and choices now available.
  • Innovation and technology – Online casinos have been at the forefront of technological progression. A good example would be casinos using virtual reality (VR) games and augmented reality (AR) allowing players to have the whole experience of being in a traditional casino and socialising about but doing it safely and remotely (thanks to ar!).
  • Bonuses – free bets and casino bonuses come more often in an online casino – helping entice more players to sign up on their platform.
  • Anonymity + crypto – it’s much easier to keep one’s gaming and gambling activities private online while cryptocurrency is now being accepted which can lend itself to better anonymity. This means that payment doesn’t require proof of identification, and instead, crypto can be deposited with ease and without tying it to your identity.

So, if you are looking for a new online casino platform that guarantees engaging entertainment, bonuses, value for your money, security, excitement, accessibility, premium quality games, privacy with lots of fun and prizes and top-notch round the clock customer support, you’ve come to the right site. Sign up now with us here at 918kiss casino!

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JeeJa Yanin is a passionate Casino enthusiast that has an experience of 12+ years operating and working in big casino houses. She has worked in Thailand as well as Singapore and has had major learnings which she shares along the journey.


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