Asian Casino Online Slot ReviewBK8 Review in Thailand

BK8 Review in Thailand

BK8 is the largest online betting agency in Asia. They give their customers top casino experience by providing them access to the best sportsbook and game brands. BK8 is perfect for those who like sports betting and casino games. They offer a wide variety of exciting and fun games. Not only that, the games are guaranteed to be top quality. No matter what you choose to play, you’re granted a great gaming experience.

Why BK8?

They give you access to the games made by the best game software developers.


Here are the games that you can play from the providers that have partnered with BK8.


Why choose BK8

BK8 Sports

BK8 Sports is the best sportsbook in BK8. There are a lot of sports to choose from. Ranging from soccer to basketball, whatever your favorite sport might be you can surely find it there.


CMD368 also provides the sports betting at BK8. CMD368 is a known bookmaker company that is not only known in Asia but all over the world. CMD368 is also big in Europe. They also offer a huge range of sports to bet on. Side from being a popular sports booking company, they are also well trusted. They are fully-licensed and well-regulated. CMD368 offers the most sought out betting games such as Over and Under, Mix Parlay, Asian Handicaps, Correct Score, 1X2 Fixed Odds, Special Outright Betting, Odd and Even, and Total Goal. If sports betting isn’t your thing, they also have live casino, slot games, poker, and fishing games. The amount of games is so huge you’ll never not find something to play. The quality of games is also ensured to be of top quality. You can also expect good huge promotions and bonuses.


Another sportsbook at BK8 is Saba-Sports. Saba-Sports is well known around the globe because of their high betting limits, really good odds, and live betting offers. A lot of high rollers choose Saba-Sports because of the high betting limits. They are reputable in the industry of sports betting. They offer every sporting event that you can think of. To name a few here’s what you can expect from Saba-Sports: the olympics, basketball, swimming, football, American football, field hockey, rugby, volleyball, boxing, handball, cricket, darts, motorsports, tennis, golf, badminton, snooker, table tennis and much more. You can bet on odd and even, substitutions, correct score, offsides, total sum of points and so on. Aside from sports betting they also offer bingo, casino games, and poker. A lot of high rollers choose Saba-Sports because of the high betting limits.

Another good thing about Saba-Sports is that their website is easy to use and intuitive. Basically it’s user friendly.


BetRadar is also a provider for BK8. The strength of this popular online sports betting service is its plugins which are capable of gathering and analyzing data, monitoring coefficients, and managing resources over the internet. It is widely loved because of how good their software is. BetRadar offers livescore, match and live centers, and statistical database. The livescore offers bookies accurate and correct data. This feature covers over 40 sports worldwide. The match and live centers provides viewing of ongoing matches. The software gets updated in real-time. The statistical database allows bettors to view important information of a particular player or team as a whole. This also lets casino users review the details by season.

BK8 offers many games



BK8 offers betting on these famous games

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the sequel to the original fan made mass multiplayer game called Dota. Dota 2 has grown to have gathered a large community around the world. It easily one of the most popular competitive games on earth. Betting on Dota 2 is interesting because a game of Dota 2 it requires strategy, teamwork, mind games, and information gathering plus resourcefulness to claim a hard earned victory which also why a professional match of Dota 2 is fun and exciting to watch.


CSGO is also a game that has so many fans worldwide. It is a first person team game that requires precision aiming, god-like reflexes, astounding communication skills, and using the proper strategy. It is a competitive games that leave fans breathless when pro players make the best plays. Bettors for this game ca bet on the player kills, deaths, and bomb planting or defusions.


PUBG is one of the first and biggest battle royale game. One could even say that it’s the game that started it all. Ever since the popularity of PUBG games like Fortnite and Warzone came in the scene. A battle royale game is a game of survival. It has an elimination process and the team or person left is crowned the winner. There can be so much strategy used in this game. It is thrilling and anxiety to watch and play it but it’s part of it’s charm.

League of legends

League of Legends is another major online mass battle arena game that operates on the same set of rules as Dota 2, but it delivers a different aesthetics and it offers a bunch of unique and interesting new mechanics, keeping the game fresh and addictive to play. Although League of Legends is less popular than the other mass battle arena games, its betting scene is alive. There are tens of thousands of viewers watching professional matches with thousands of bets at stake.

Live Casino

Here are the list of live casino games provider on BK8:

Here are some of the popular games that you can expect:

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast paced and no holds barred live table game. It is a very good looking game. Not only that, it is really well made. The interface provides analysis and stats for the players which has been proven to give a much more smoother gameplay flow because it quickens up the pace of the turns. Another amazing feature this game has is its player assist and prediction aid. There’s also optional side bets where half of the player’s main bet is returned.

Roulette 73

Roulette 73 is a classic game that a lot of people love. This game has 73 numbers ranging from zero to 72 as opposed to the usually roulette that’s in traditional casinos that has 37 and 38 number wheels.

Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a fun game but its even more exciting when you’re playing it live with a real dealer and with other players present. Sic bo is a game where they use three dice. The dealer will roll the dice and then after, the players will have the chance to place their bets. Sic Bo is basically another luck based game where there’s no skill required in order to play.

Online Poker

There are poker games all over the internet but nothing beats playing with real players and that’s exactly what this is.

Ultimate Texas Hold Em

Texas Hold em is another type of poker. It operates in a different set of rules but it is widely loved and it is very popular.

Slot games at BK8


Slots is a long time favorite because it’s so easy to play and there’s no skill needed in order to play the game. All it takes is relying on your luck as it is a game of chance!

Here are the game providers that offer slots on BK8:

  • 918Kiss
  • SCR88
  • Mega888
  • Asia Gaming
  • Spade Gaming
  • Micro Gaming
  • SA Gaming
  • Playtech


A classic casino game. A lot of people’s favorite and go to game! Poker is so challenging yet so fun. Unlike other casino games where you rely completely on luck, poker actually requires skill and strategy in order to win. The thrill and guessing makes poker an incredible game to play.

Here are several poker games that you can expect to play in BK8:

Texas Hold’em

Poker has so many variations but Texas Hold’em has got to be the one that everyone knows how to play. It’s the classic kind of poker. In fact this is played at the World Series of Poker.

In this game players are dealt with two cards which are called hole cards. Then the dealer would reveal a set of five cards which is called the community cards. The betting session would last for 4 rounds.


Omaha is another type of poker but it is essentially derived from Texas Hold Em. There’s just a slight twist to the rules. Instead of having 2 hole cards, in Omaha there are 4 and instead of revealing the revealing the community cards round after round it will be revealed all at once when the hole cards are dealt. The players must make their best 5 card hand from two of their hole cards and three from the community cards.

7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw

In 7 card studs, a total of seven cards are dealt with each player at the start of the round. The cards are dealt in such a way that three cards face down while four cards face up. Players must then make the best possible five-card hand from the 7 cards dealt with them. Meanwhile, in the 5-card draw, each player is dealt 5 cards instead. The cards are dealt on the initial go around, and the player may choose to trade in up to 3 of the cards dealt with them.


These are the fishing games offered in BK8:

Fishing War

This game is about the war between creatures in the ocean and the explorers hoping to discover some new territory.

Fishing God

Fishing God is just a classic and fun fishing game. It’s fun, exciting, challenging and adventurous. A lot of people like this game because they were easily hooked to it.

PT Fishing

This fishing game is famous for the weapon choice in game. There are cool and unique variations to choose from. Whether you prefer pistols, rifles or even the harpoon, PT fishing has just the perfect choice of weapon for you.

SA Fishing

SA fishing is popular among the beginners and those who aren’t familiar with fishing games yet because it is so easy to use and navigate. The mechanics of the game is also easily understandable.

GG Fishing

This is the best and the top ranking fishing game. It is said to be the textbook definition of a fishing game. It is a classic and a fan favorite that’s why it’s widely loved. The new fishing games are derived from GG fishing. It is the blueprint for most new fishing games.


Here are the lottery providers for BK8 and the lottery games they offer:


Funky Games

  • Keno
  • Atom
  • RNGWar


  • Four D
  • Mark 6

Promotions, Bonuses, and Offers

Bonus offered at BK8

Promos, bonuses, and offers is one of the best things about online casinos. You definitely get more out of your money’s worth with the help of promos and bonuses. Lucky for you BK8 has a lot of promos! Here are some that you can expect:

  • 150% Welcome Bonus
  • VIP Rescue Bonus up to MYR3,888
  • Bitcoin, Ether, and USDT Deposit Bonus up to MYR388 weekly
  • Slot Unlimited Reload Bonus up to 50
  • Daily Reload Bonus
  • Refer VIP and earn RM1,000

Affiliate Program

This program has 500 partners all over Asia. If you are part of this program, you have 40 percent commission as a revenue share. The commissions come in monthly and payouts are quick. In addition to the commission, you also earn a lifetime revenue on all the players that you have referred to the website. Good news is that BK8 is so easy to promote because of the amazing qualities it has.

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VIP Program

BK8 also offers VIP programs that you can join. There are different levels on the program; bronze, silver, platinum and diamond. Those who are part of the VIP program receive exclusive offers, bonuses, and gifts that aren’t offered to regular players. You will also get priority customer support. If you are interested in joining this program, here are the levels and their deposit requirements.

  • Bronze requires a minimum deposit of 50,000.
  • Silver requires a minimum deposit of 150,000.
  • Gold requires a minimum deposit of 500,000.
  • Platinum requires a minimum deposit of 1,000,000.
  • Diamond requires a minimum deposit of 2,000,000.

All in all, BK8 is a good online casino house. It has received a lot of recognition in the community because of its quality. BK8 is always innovative which keeps the games they carry relevant and up to date. BK8 also takes good care of their players and treat them as their number 1 priority. BK8 is a secure and transparent site. Customer information will always be kept private and safe. BK8 is an all around trustworthy and reliable site.

Julie Jirayungyurn
JeeJa Yanin is a passionate Casino enthusiast that has an experience of 12+ years operating and working in big casino houses. She has worked in Thailand as well as Singapore and has had major learnings which she shares along the journey.


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