Asian Casino Online Slot ReviewHow to Play Fruit Party 2 in 2021

How to Play Fruit Party 2 in 2021

Fruit Party 2 is a sequel to Fruit Party which was a huge hit. It was released on May 8, 2021. It’s a game made by Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play isa widely recognized casino game developer. They are mainly famous for creating slot games but they do produce other games as well. They have released so many hits in the past that resulted them to receive multiple awards. Just by knowing who made Fruit Part 2 you can already expect good things from it. You can try the game for free through the demo mode on the site There’s no sign up required you can play it as a visitor. Although, if you want to play with real money and win real money, you will have to register and join an online casino that carries Fruit Party 2.

Fruit Party 2 definitely has all the right ingredients to make the best game possible. It has graphics that fit well with the theme. Well made graphics, at that. Although it is kept very similarly to the prequel, Fruit Party. Some noticeable differences are: in Fruit Party 2 the background is sharpened, the fruits trees and cottage has a more defined look. There were no major changes in the cosmetics side of things. The same size grid returns, there’s still a 7×7 game panel dropping in 49 fruit symbols with every spin, like the original, Fruit Party. All in all, Fruit Party 2 has the same warm and inviting feel. Pragmatic Play’s main focus in the creation of Fruit Party 2 was improving the math model.

Fruit party 2 features

Fruit party 2 improvements and added features

Some more information that you have to know about Fruit Party 2 is that it has a 96.53% return rate, high dispersion, and there’s a x5000 win potential. What makes the games that Pragmatic Play produces really trustworthy and reliable is its pretty balanced math model. No player would ever feel cheated because of the possibility to get massive winnings.

Fruit Party 2 uses a cluster pays system where 5 or more matching symbols connecting horizontally or vertically constitutes a win, increasing the value the bigger they get. The most valuable clusters are made up of 15 or more identical symbols, worth 150x the bet for strawberries, descending through oranges, apples, grapes, plums, stars and hearts. One of Fruit Party’s new additions is the inclusion of a wild symbol. Not only do wild symbols land anywhere to substitute all pay symbols, but they also appear with multipliers.

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Tumble Feature

Another new feature is the tumble feature. The tumble feature follows every win. What this is does is that it removes winning clusters from the board to in order to let new ones drop into the empty spaces. This will keep repeating, creating consecutive wins. It will stop when no new cluster appears.

Wild Symbols

When the tumble feature removes a cluster, there is a chance that a wild symbol would drop in. Wild symbols possess multipliers starting at x2. If multiple wild symbol appear as a part of a wining cluster their values will be added together before being applied. Wild symbols can also be applied to multiple clusters at the same time.

Golden Fruits

Golden Fruits serve as your ticket to the bonus round as getting either 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 of them will reward you with 10, 12, 15, 20, or 25 (respectively) free spins. There will also be a payout of 3, 5, 10, 20, or 100 (respectively) times the stake. There is no retrigger limit and when this feature happens wild multipliers will start at x3 instead of x2, which can go up to 729x.

For example, getting 3 golden fruits scattered around will reward you with 5 additional spins.

Fruit party 2 bonus

Bonus Buy

This option costs 100x the bet. 3-7 scatters will land to reward players anywhere from 10 to 25 free spins.

All Basic Info

Developer: Pragmatic Play

Reels: 7

Rows: 7

Paylines: 20

RTP (Return to Player): 96.53%

Hit Frequency: 1 in 2.5

Max Win: 5000x

Max Win Probability: 1/495,050

Volatility: High (5/5)

Minimum Bet: 0.20

Maximum Bet: 100


Overall, the game itself is extremely exciting. If you want to have fun, this game is for you because it absolutely delivers a powerful gameplay experience. Whether you like a traditional game of slots or an experimental one, you’ll enjoy it. Fruit Party 2 has classic and unique elements that makes it a game that everyone will completely adore and love.

Fruit party 2 slot game

Fruit Party 2 FAQs

Here are quick FAQs to wrap it all up:

Can you win real money on Fruit Party 2?

You can look for an online casino house that caters Fruit Party 2. If you’re not a registered player you will have to join that casino in order to start playing. You will have to deposit cash in order to get in game credits which you can use on the game and then you can start winning actual money.

Is Fruit Party 2 a free game?

You can try it out using the demo on the site but if you want the full game with all the complete features you will have to play it through an online casino.

Where’s the best place to play Fruit Party 2?

There are a couple of online casinos that carry Fruit Party 2. Choosing the best one for you is important because each online casino is different in their own way. Different casinos offers a different set of game and they also offer different kinds of promos and bonuses. Just make sure that you do choose an online casino that is reputable and trustworthy.

Can you Play Fruit Party 2 on mobile devices?

Yes, you can. Fruit Party 2 is optimized to be used on any device.

Slot Games

Is it your first-time slot game? Here’s all you have to know to get started!

What are slot machines/slot games?

Online slot games rely on what you call RNG or random number generator. It’s a type of software that generates different outcomes. When a game is based on RNG, there’s no telling what’s going to happen next, it’s all purely random. With that said, slot games doesn’t require any skill or strategy in order for you to play it. All it takes is a luck. Slot games were originally played through slot machines but now with the advancement of technology here came the abundance of online casinos because of that slot machines can now be played through any of the devices that you may have granted that you have internet connection.

Things you should now

Slot games has so many variations now but the basic element that a slot game has is the reels. The reels contain the symbols. The symbols are figures that will dictate whether you win something or not. The symbols vary in design depending on what the slot games’ theme is.

Another thing you should know about slot games is the payline. The payline is the base of the winning outcome. If you get a certain set or series of winning symbols on the payline you will win. On classic slot machines there’s only one payline and that’s the horizontal line on the center. Newer slot games has multiple paylines. Some are diagonal, zigzag and so on. It depends on how the developer or designer created the game. Multiple paylines is good news for the players because that mostly means you get more chances of winning.

RTP or Return to player is also another factor that you should consider before choosing a slot game to play. The RTP It refers to the amount of money a machine will pay its players over time. For example, if a machine has a 75% payout, it means that 75% of all the bet money will be paid out. This is not to be confused with the winnings any one player will make on the machine or game.

Hit frequency, on the other hand, is the likelihood that a slot machine has to produce a winning combination over time.

Volatility determines the how often the game/machine lets you win. Low means you’ll most likely get small wins constantly but the chances of you getting the biggest prizes is slim. High means the game/machine will rarely give out wins but when you do win, you’ll surely get a big one.

How to select a slot game to play

If you don’t already have a go to slot game or if you’re planning to look for a new one to play… Here is guide!

Type of Game

There are several type of slot games. To know what you like the best, you will have to try a couple.

Try as much as you can to see what you really enjoy! Because there are so many choices, it can be overwhelming but there’s really no other way to figure out what you want if you don’t try and see what you enjoy playing the most. I mean, you could always base on reviews but nothing beats being able to see for yourself. Don’t worry most of the time there are demos and trials so you don’t have to waste real money.

The Required Bet to Play

When gambling it’s always nice to budget your money so that you don’t over spend. Gambling is fun but too much and doing so without caution can turn gambling into a toxic hobby. You might think that setting a budget is limiting but if you think about it in the long run it actually allows you to play more.

Bonuses and Promotions Offered

The best thing about online casinos is that there are a lot of bonuses and promos offered. You’ll get the most out of your money because of bonuses.

mybet88 welcome bonus

Online Casinos

Lastly, if you have’t joined an online casino to play at, here is a guide to help you pick the best one. The most important thing is that you choose a reliable and trustworthy casino. Second important thing to look at are the games offered. Do you like the games offered? Does this casino offer the games that you like to play? Variety is important and of course quality. Are the games offered made by the est game developers? Another important thing to consider is the banking system. You should be able to deposit and withdraw money without any trouble. The casino should also have a customer support that is available 24/7. Lastly, the casino should be able to guarantee security and privacy. You will be providing your personal information and banking details. You need to make sure that your identity and information is safe and protected.

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