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Slot Online Thailand Review

What are slot machines?

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A little history on slot machines, they actually have been around for more than a century. The first slot machine was created in 1985. The demand for slot machines grew rapidly that most bars and saloons in the US had to install them for the customers to enjoy.

Slot machines are a gambling game in casinos that uses RNG or random number generator. It is basically a game of chance where no skill is required to play. It solely relies on luck. Slot machines, although there are several types, have one standard look. A slot machine has two basic elements: first, the reels. A slot machine may have three or more reels. The reels contain the figures a slot machine has. Second, there is a lever that you pull in order to initiate a spin. Newer machines may not have a lever if that is the case it is operated using a button or through a touchscreen.

Casinos have adapted to the changes that are caused by the evolution of technology. Now you can play slot machines through any of your mobile devices. It has the same premise but there are some differences that has made the gambling game better. Well, that may be for you to judge since it may depend on a player’s preference.

How online slots differ from classic slots?

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Although online slots and classic slots are played through different means, they essentially function the same way. Every slot game is based on the reels and the various symbols on them. The symbols represent the prizes you would get depending on what combination you get after spinning. After initiating a spin, the symbols will come into a halt. The combination you get is dictated on what group of symbols stopped on a horizontal line, which is often referred to as the payline.

Here are elements where online slots and classic slots may differ from each other:

Number of Reels

A classic slot machine usually only has 3 reels. Online slots or newer slots usually has 3 or more. Common number of reels are 3, 4 , 0r 5.

Different Paylines

Newer slot games aren’t limited to one horizontal payline anymore because of that there could be multiple possible outcomes which is good for the players because that could mean more chances of winning. Different paylines will result to different payouts, prizes, bonuses, and jackpots.

Casino Bonuses

Compared to traditional casinos, online casinos offer more bonuses and promotions. Bonuses allow players to get more prizes. It also allows them to get the most value out of their money and allow them to play more since they could also use the prizes for bonuses back in the game.


Since slot games are a single player game, do you really need to go to a actual casino to play them when you can enjoy in at the comfort of y0ur own home? Online casinos enable players to play their favorite casino games everywhere and anywhere as long as their mobile device is connected to an internet connection. You will get the same thrill and excitement in online casinos because you’re also playing with real money.


Traditional casinos usually offer a limited type of slot games. This is especially true if you’re not going to a really huge casino. Online casinos on the other hand offer hundreds of slot games. You’ll never get bored because you can always switch it up.

Again, it will choosing between classic slots and online slots will depend on what you prefer. If you want to play on the go, want more bonuses, and more slots variety, I say go for online slots. If you want to to physically go to a traditional casino to experience how it is, then do so! Both are fine and both offer their own set of advantages.

How to play slot games?

Casino online. Smartphone or mobile phone, slot machine, dice, cards and roulette on a green table in casino.

Slots are definitely easy to play. Actually it might be the casino game that requires the least effort to play. It doesn’t have any rules or any doesn’t. require any skill or knowledge. Just pull the lever or push the spin button and you’re good to go. All you have to do is to wish and hope for the symbols to match when it stops.

Here are common terms that you might encounter while playing slots:


The line that determines the winning combination on any slot machine. Classic slots has a horizontal payline while online or newer slots can have diagonal, zigzag, and other shape. It depends on how the developer or designer created the game because there are different types of slot games.

Payout Percentage or Return to Player (RTP)

It refers to the amount of money a machine will pay its players over time. For example, if a machine has a 75% payout, it means that 75% of all the bet money will be paid out. This is not to be confused with the winnings any one player will make on the machine.

Hit frequency

This is the likelihood that a slot machine has to produce a winning combination over time.

Loose and tight

A machine is regarded as loose is it has a high hit frequency and/or RTP. On the other, a machine is considered tight if it has a low hit frequency and low RTP.


If the slot machine has low variance then it means it will regularly give out small wins and a few big wins. Meanwhile, high variance means it will rarely produce any wins but when it does, the reward is guaranteed to be huge.

Types of slot games

All types of slot games

Classic Reel Slots

This is the basic kind that are usually found in traditional casinos wherein to win the symbols has to match in one horizontal line. The traditional design consist of symbols that are similar to a deck of card but nowadays, there are so many variations. The symbols in newer classic slots depend on the theme of the game the designer or developer decides to make. This type of slot machine is basically the easiest one because there are no extra or special rules to remember.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots and classic slots very much alike. The only difference is the payout. In classic slots there is a set or designated payout value for when you win. On the other hand, for progressive slots, the prize increases because each wager a player puts in the game it will be added to the jackpot and it will keep increasing until someone wins. The only downside for progressive slots is that because the jackpot is so big, the chances of winning is very small. Although if you do get lucky, imagine winning millions even if you only spent few dollars.

Multi-Payline Slots

This slot type of slot game is where you’ll encounter multiple paylines, hence the name. Prizes and rewards will different depending on the payline you get. Of course because of the increased chances of winning expect that the winnings will not be as huge compared to other machines. Although, some would consider this the most worth it to play because through playing you can win back your wager. You also don’t have to wait for a jackpot to start winning some money because of the many options it has.

Fruit Machines

Another slot game that is very similar to a classic slot game. The only difference here are the symbols. Instead of card symbols, there are picture of fruits. Of course you’ve seen the lucky cherries, right? There is also a twist in this game such as nudges and folds A nudge is when the player can only move a single reel when he or she spins. A hold on the other and is when one single reel stays in place while the other reels move.

Multi Spin Slots

This is a variation of online slots developed by Playtech. Rather than playing on one slot machine, there are 5 machines that are based on the same rules as classic reel slots. Each machine is referred to as a “line”.

On the first spin, only the bottom “line” spins and stops. The player is then free to hold any symbol on the first machine, and that symbol will be replicated on the rest of the machines. Then the player spins again and again until all 5 machines have been spun (this is while the selected symbol remains on all machines). Afterwards, payout is calculated independently for each machine.

Despite sounding quite complicated, it is actually really easy and it is actually the favorite of most players because it pays high and the chances of winning is also quite high.

Vegas Slots

They work the same as classic reel slots, but their design is modeled after the classic slot machines in Vegas casinos.

High Roller

The required wager in order to play this machine is quite higher compared to other games but the jackpot is also really huge. There is no set structure on this slot, it can depend to what the casino game developer and designer creates. The only thing that separates this machine is the required bet.

How to select the best slot games to play

The type of game

First you have to know what kind of slot games you’re into. Try as much as you can and see what you really enjoy. Find which games you’re comfortable with. There are so many choices especially if you’ve chosen to play through an online casino. If you don’t already have a favorite one maybe try going trough the most popular ones.

The required bet to play

When gambling it’s always nice to budget your money so that you don’t over spend. Gambling is fun but too much and doing so without caution can turn gambling into a toxic hobby. As you already know, there are slot machines that require a higher wager in order to play. To know which slot games is best for you to play, know what you can afford to play based on the budget you have. You might think that setting a budget is limiting but if you think about it in the long run it actually allows you to play more. If you spend all your money in one machine that requires an expensive bet are you really going to have fun just by spinning it just once? And what are the chances you win? Slim, right? Always gamble responsibly.

The bonuses or promotions

If bonuses and promotions are your thing playing on online casinos is best for you and in terms of slot games, multi-payline may be what suits you. Bonuses are perks that gives you so many advantages as a player.

Game developers that make the best slot games

If you’re choosing which type of slots to play another factor that can help you if it’s made by a reliable game developers. The game developers listed below are known to put out top quality games that you can trust and enjoy.


Bally is one of the ffirst slot game creators. They originated in Las Vegas.

Williams Interactive

Williams Interactive is the first to introduce bonuses to online slot games.


Microgaming is one of the oldest suppliers of online casino game software. Microgaming has enjoyed big success with games like Mega Moolah.


This Swedish game developer prides itself on offering unique and premium online slot games to over 300 operators.


This developer has one of the largest selections of online slot games worldwide, particularly in the progressive slot game category.


Novomatic is known for developing games with unique style. One of the popular games they have made is Book of Ra.


This Australian slot game developer is known for creating games optimized for mobile devices.

Merkur Gaming

While this game developer is famous for its classic slot game range, they have also made groundbreaking games that are really one of a kind.

Realtime Gaming

RealTime Gaming has made a name for itself in slots with its big, bold graphics and bonuses offering lucrative rewards.

Bonuses and promotions to expect in online slots gaming

bonus in online slot games

Again, if you’d like to maximize the bonuses or promotions that you can get it’s best to play slots machine games online.

Do remember that different online casinos offer different percentage and offers.

Welcome Bonus

This is the casino bonus you get from the online casino for signing up and making a deposit. After doing so, you will receive a percentage of the amount you deposited and that’s your welcome casino bonus. Usually though you can expect that the welcome bonus is 100% of the deposited amount.

Free Spins

Free spins will allow you to spin slot games without putting in any money.

Deposit Bonus

For every deposit you make, the casino will give you a percentage of it extra as a bonus. Most of the time, this is not offered regularly so be on the look out.

No Deposit Bonuses

This kind of similar to the welcome bonus but the no deposit bonus, well doesn’t require you to deposit money after signing up to get a bonus.

High Roller / VIP Bonus

This is not limited to online casinos, in traditional casinos there are also high roller bonuses. This is perks for big spenders to enjoy.

House Edge

The house edge will determine how much money the casino makes from its slot games. You can identify the house edge from the payout percentage, which is almost always indicated. This is for the players to gauge their odds in winning. For example, if a casino offers a payout of 75%, that is the amount it will give back to players. The remaining 25% will be kept by the casino and represents the house edge.

Free Slot Games

If you’re just trying out slots and you’re trying to see if you like it, then it’s best for you to test it out through playing free slot games. Free slot games, do not require any money. You just get points like you do in any other game but it doesn’t convert to actual and real money.

mybet88 welcome bonus

Online Casino

If it’s your first time playing and gambling on an online casino house then there are a few things that you should learn. First, if you’re looking for an online casino, make sure to play at a reliable site from a trustworthy provider. This is especially important if you’re playing with real money. Second, look at the games they offer, do they offer a wide variety of games? More importantly, do they offer games that you like or you think you would like? The more options the better. Third, is the banking system easy and simple to use? You should be able to withdraw or deposit money into your account without any hassle. Fourth, do they have good customer service? Customer support is part of what makes an online casino worthy of playing at. You need to be are that you will be helped in case any issue will arise. Fifth, they should be able to guarantee security and privacy. You will be providing your personal information and banking details. You need to make sure that your identity and information is safe and protected.

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